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Forum Link Building Service

Forums or discussion boards are great places to share valuable information, new ideas and helping each other. Forum posts, which provide solutions, appear in higher search results. Forum works like a community and reputed forums have huge number of members and incoming traffic. Forum members contribute essential information for other members and for web users as well. Forums are frequently updated with new threads and replies by members and that is what search engine prefers most.

Every forum has its own rules and regulations. Unauthenticated advertisements and low quality posts are strictly prohibited in quality forums. Forum admin or moderators are always conscious about spam posts as it can harm forum reputation. That’s why signature links are allowed after a certain number of posts.

Useful, relevant posts are appreciated by forum administrators, moderators and even by search engines. Most forums provide signature links to the genuine contributors. Reputed forums could be used as referral traffic source. Search engines give high priority to backlinks obtained from authority forums and authority backlinks create positive impact on search results. Forum link building may help a website appear in higher search results and can redirect more traffic.
At Linkboostup, forum link building is a part of our link building strategy. We participate and contribute genuine posts to authority forums. As a contributor, we can earn quality backlinks for your website. Earning links from forums is a time-consuming process. Whenever we participate in discussion boards, we follow forum guidelines to avoid a violation, which makes forum link building completely safe with us.

Benefit of forum posts at a glance:

  • Quality forum posts help build website reputation
  • Backlinks from reputed forums help get high priority from search engines
  • Backlinks from authority forums are considered authority backlinks
  • Discussion boards are sources of referral traffic.
  • Forums are constantly updated with new posts.
  • Forums are frequently indexed by search engine bots and help in faster indexing
  • Signature links are long lasting.
  • Forum participation improves visibility and helps increase SERP.

Our forum posting process includes:

  • We participate in various discussion boards as contributors.
  • Our forum replies are always relevant to threads.
  • We don’t use any spamming method to get signature links.
  • We earn forum signature links by contributing quality posts.
  • We participate in quality forums to create signature links.
  • Genuine contents are created for forum posts.
  • Our forum link packages allow link building for home page and inner pages as well.


  • Links are provided in excel format
  • Report includes alive links only
  • Weekly updated and complete reports are available
  • Guaranteed Links
  • Deep Links
  • Do-follow
  • Post Per Forum
  • Unique Accounts
  • Anchor Texts
  • Time
  • Reports
  • Update Reports
  • Price in USD
  • FL1FL2FL3FL4
  • 25-75100
  • 5-55
  • 520 30
  • 30 Days50075 Days90 Days
  • 1234
  • 30.0055.0080.00105.00
  • FL2
  • 50
  • 5
  • 10
  • 50 Days
  • 2
  • 55.00

FAQ about forum link building:

1) How many links do you use in signatures?
Ans: We use only two links in forum signature as most forums allow 2 links in signature.
2) How many posts do you create in a single forum?
Ans: At least five posts, which include signature links. It depends on forum rules. Some forums may allow signature after 20 or 25 posts. In such cases, we create 25 or 30 posts to earn signature links. According only 5 posts will contain links in signatures.
3) Who creates contents for posts?
Ans: Unique, related forum posts are created by our expert team members only.
4) Do you replace dead or broken forum links?
Ans: Generally forum posts are long lasting, but if we find any dead or broken links during campaign, we’ll surely replace it.
5) What about the chances of spamming?
Ans: Unique posts are created relevant to threads. We don’t use any unethical procedures like automated software, duplicate or spun contents for creating replies or threads. So, there is no chance of spamming.